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Commercial Fences:

We have selected for you the best, on regional market, of commercial fence products. With more than 20 years of experience in the installation of fences for businesses, institutes and industries in the region; we know the precise specifications necessary for the rigorous Quebec temperatures and ensuring maximum durability for your external and internal commercial installations.

Fencing the enclosure of your business is safe and wise:

Fences installation is common within commercial activities. Our fencing installation services are available both for the interior and exterior of your workspaces and large areas to isolate, or secure your equipment or your inventory. Our fences will reduce your business losses by limiting theft and vandalism. Clôture Boucher offers several payment methods tailored to your needs. Contact us today and we will be pleased to meet you to establish a precise cost estimation and benefit from our expert advices.

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Commercial fence for business

Commercial chain mesh fencing

The chain mesh fence, also known as Frost ™ fencing, is the economical and durable solution for commercial, industrial and institutional installation mandates. Chain mesh is the most popular fences choice because it is low-cost and requires nearly no maintenance. Use it to delineate your land, divide your warehouse, or simply protect your goods or cars.

Clôtures à mailles

Omega™ fencing

Inspired by construction site fencing, Omega ™ fences are an ideal solution. This fencing design has been developed with the objectives to be harmonized with its environment and to highlight the modern architectural beauty while guaranteeing optimal safety. Inspired by a European style, this type of fence is an aesthetic alternative that compete the mesh chain.

Clôtures Omega™ commerciales

Intimacy fencing made of commercial steel

Ideal to isolate a section or the entirety of your business private entrance, the Intimacy Fencing series, Oasis Fences, greatly contribute to the aesthetics of your business. The strength of galvanized steel and its durable finish ensure a high-quality product without regular maintenance. If you are looking to secure your outdoor enclosure from passers-by’s gazes while beautifying your ground, the steel Intimacy fencing is the solution you are looking for.

Clôtures intimité en acier

Ornamental steel fence

Clôture Oasis' ornamental steel fences are sturdy, esthetic and secure, perfect to limit access to your backyard, garden or pool. The 1000, 2000, 5000, 8000 series are offered in almost 40 models, with a wide array of colors and pickets available for all Clôture Oasis' products. Ideal to secure areas of your terrain and decorate your terrace, patio or front yard.

Ornamental steel fence

Pictures from Oasis and Omega.

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