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Advice on fence installation

Here is a short list of questions you need to ask yourself in order to make the best choice when selecting fencing installation products.

During the winter season, will there be a lot of pressure on my fence?

The installation of a fence near your driveway can sometimes involve some risk of breakage. Snow that naturally falls on your fence is not a problem by itself. If you use a blower and are not cautious where you discard your snow or if your fence is too close to the street, snow can create a pressure that could break or alter the shape of your fence. Unfortunately, you will realize it only once the snow melts at spring. We strongly encourage you to keep this in mind during the winter and take the necessary precautions to avoid creating too much pressure on your fence.

Is your land leveled?

Ideally, your land will be leveled prior to the installation of the fence but we are aware that it represents additional costs without an absolute necessity. It is possible to counter the inclination of land by installing the fence in plateau or inclining along the slope according to your aesthetic preferences. However, these types of installations require some filling or other type of adjustments on your end once the job is completed. That said, the installation of a new fence will always be at its best when performed on a long flat.

How deep should we install the posts to ensure that no change affect my fence due to freezing and thawing of our rude winters in Quebec?

With freezing and thawing, we need to install the posts to a minimum of 4 feet deep in the ground to ensure that the fence does not move. Each ground is different and we will make sure to advise you the best solution available on the market for a flawless installation. Trust us, we have over 20 years experience in the field and our work is guaranteed.

What type of fence is the most durable on the market?

The chain link fence, or Frost™, is the most common because of its lower cost. Its cost also makes it an excellent choice for a large field, but the low cost does not mean cheap in this case. The chain link fence is by far the most durable fencing product and may be adapted to look good around the family house when installed with PVC privacy slats. Visit chain link in our product catalog to choose from the many colors available.

What product requires the least maintenance?

Ornamental steel fences (3000, 4000 and 4000 ornamental series), ornamental aluminum fencing (8000 series) as well as privacy fencing slats (3000, 4000 and 4000 ornamental series) are all excellent choices from the best fence manufacturer Clôture Oasis which are all guaranteed for 5 years without any maintenance. In addition, chain link fencing with privacy slats are available in several colors and do not need much attention either. The chain link fences are also a very durable product that requires no maintenance thanks to galvanized steel.

If you wish not to have to maintain your fence regularly, please avoid the wooden fences. As balconies and picnic tables, it should be maintained annually after a couple years of wear.

Do you replace sod after a finished installation?

Fencing is considered a major construction since the use of excavation machinery is required and changes are made to the landscaping. Clôture Boucher agrees to ensure the integrity of your property by replacing the removed peat if necessary and leave your property in the same condition as when we arrived. We use boards to avoid damaging your lawn with our machinery but unfortunately, on some sites, it can be tricky to avoid damage to soil. We guarantee your complete satisfaction by repairing these inevitable alterations.

What is the minimum space required to access the backyard with your machinery?

We need a minimum of 40 inches wide, the size of a standard backyard gate. We have at our disposal compact equipment that requires a minimum free space to accommodate as many homes as possible.

How long does it take to install a fence on a medium terrain?

The fencing work will be done in two separate steps. Each step requires a working day and a waiting period of approximately eight days must take place between both steps to allow the cement to properly solidify. Therefore, projects usually take about 10 days to achieve.

Do you realize special projects?

We carry all kinds of work in our field. Contact us and we will be happy to analyze your mandate and complete your project.

Special requests that comes up often for private residences are dog enclosures and fencing of tennis courts.

You can also call us for bollard and guardrails installation for commercial parking lots.

Do you repair existing fence?

Yes. We carry annual replacing of damaged posts and repair sections of fence that was damaged by snow pressure, vandalism, broken by animals or even due to an improper installation from a careless contractor.

Should I obtain a building permit with the municipality before you can install my fence?

In most cases, yes. Most municipalities require you to issue a permit to your address and that you fulfill certain expenses (cost of $ 10 to $ 30 depending on the city) before we begin the project. If you fail to take these steps with your municipality, Clôture Boucher is not liable for delays in construction it might generate.

Should I get my fencing project approved by the city?

Just like the permit, yes, you should inquire at the city in which we will install the fence. Some municipalities impose restrictions on the height or the visibility given to the front of the property. We comply with these restrictions regularly and can help you contact the person in charge of enforcing them.

What is the standard height of a fence?

Standards are also related to your city or town. In commercial or industrial areas, the height of your fence varies slightly between 4 and 10 feet without any problems. For residential areas, we strongly suggest contacting the city to be sure.

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