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Ornamental steel fence

Clôture Oasis' ornamental steel fences are sturdy, esthetic and secure, perfect to limit access to your backyard, garden or pool. The 1000, 2000, 5000, 8000 series are offered in almost 40 models, with a wide array of colors and pickets available for all Clôture Oasis' products. Ideal to secure areas of your terrain and decorate your terrace, patio or front yard.

Residential ornamental fence

The ornamental steel fence adds value and elegant beauty to your home. It embellishes the facade of the house, especially when it is paired with a majestic gate. Other than its exceptional aesthetic, it seduces by its safe, durable and maintenance-free characteristics.

Clôture Boucher offers a range of ornamental fences and gates made of galvanized steel guaranteed 5 years without maintenance by the manufacturer.

ornamental steel fence

Why choose a steel fence?

The high-tech manufacturing method combined with the Galvanization process allows to the used steel a maximum protection against rust and corrosion.

Indeed, in addition to being galvanized, the steel is induced by a baked polyester coating which ensures a durable finish.

Ornamental steel fences have the advantage of being modern, timeless, solid and available in multiple colors and designs.

Clôture Boucher team will be happy to guide you and advise you through the wide range of choices available to you.

Steel fences choices available to you:

At Clôture Boucher, ornamental steel fences are usually composed of 2 '' x 2 '' posts, 1 '' x 1 '' crossbars and ½ '' x ½ '' rungs. We offer the Oasis series 1000, 2000/5000 and 8000.

  • Oasis 1000 Series: aesthetics with a soft look

    For it’s soft, aesthetic and safe appearance, this type of less expensive fencing is often chosen to decorate the backyard. Indeed, the 1000 series is the best choice to fence a pool and adorn the outline of your balcony or patio.

    You have the choice between:

    • 31 models
    • 6 colors
    • 4 heights: 24 '', 36 '', 48 '' and 60 ''
    • 3 calibres: 14 '', 16 '' and 18 '' gauge
    • 3 choices of barrotins
    • 3 choices of pole ends.
  • Oasis Series 2000/5000: elegant and robust at a lower cost

    The facade and the gate are our first impression of a house: what elegance! what a beauty! We have the impression that we are invited in a private domain or in a castle.

    The ornamental steel fences give the elegant and inaccessible character of upscale properties neighborhoods.

    You can get this stamp by the acquisition of galvanized steel ornamental fences available in 2000 and 5000 series. They are more robust and stronger than the 1000 series, and less expensive than the 8000 luxury series. Their robustness dictates their use as facades, portals and outline delimiting your home. They are also available in:

    • 31 models
    • 6 colors
    • 5 heights: 24 '', 36 '', 48 '', 60 '' and 72 ''
    • 3 calibres: 14 '', 16 '' and 18 '' gauge
    • 3 choices of barrotins
    • 3 choices of pole ends.
  • Oasis 8000 Series: luxury in all its expression and its advantages

    The 8000 series is par excellence the Cadillac of ornamental steel fencing. These luxury fences stand out for their extreme strength and superior finishes.

    They are often used to add an elegant and upscale character to the facades, portals and contours of luxurious residences. In some neighborhoods, they embellish the aspect and the look of a garden center, an amusement park or constitute the contour of golf course.

    Their minimal maintenance guarantee and their longevity make them an excellent choice for decorating commercial buildings contours. The owners of such edifices are investing in a product that gives their building beauty at a lower cost of long-term maintenance.

Clôture Boucher team is at your disposal to help you make the best choice for your ornamental steel fence. Come and see us, we will be pleased to identify your needs and advise you through the range of available choices.

Come see us and offer yourself the fence of your dreams!

Why go with products from Clôture Oasis?

Oasis is a manufacturer that stands out for the quality of its products and a constant effort in research and development to innovate with new fences and gates products that meets the tastes and high expectations of customers.

Their fencing products are simply the best available on the market in Quebec and we are impressed, year after year, of the avant-garde and innovative ideas that define the manufacturer Closing Oasis.

The Oasis warranty
5 years no maintenance.

In order to offer the best quality of products, Clôture Oasis utilises latest technology materials and processes:

  • Galvalum(TM) steel
  • Electrostatic polyester powder coating
  • Safe and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Oasis lock system
  • Oven curing
  • Choice of colours
  • Maximum protection guaranteed

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