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Privacy steel fences

Residential & Commercial privacy steel fences

The best possible privacy for your backyard is Clôture Oasis' panel fence. Ideal to subdivide a section or your entire property, privacy type panel fence contributes greatly to the aesthetics of your home while giving you a feeling of freedom within your backyard, even with neighbours nearby. The finish is identical on both sides of the fence so it looks as nice from the street than from you terrace. The strength of galvanized steel and its durable finish ensures a high quality product without maintenance. A choice of colors and a selection of pickets are available and a trellis can be mounted on the fence for a nice decorative touch.

intimacy fence

Take full advantage of your backyard or your terrace / balcony in complete privacy:

The construction of townhouses or semi-detached houses represents the new trend in the real estate market. Furthermore, we observe that entrepreneurs are choosing to allocate, for detached houses, less and less a large space on the sides separating them from each other. These finding lead to the following consequences:

Disadvantages :

  • There are more and more adjoining terraces and back yards, very stuck, one to the other.
  • We have the impression that we are squarely at the neighbor's
  • Or worse we feel scrutinized by the neighbor's eyes
  • We cannot fully enjoy our intimate moments with family
  • We prevent ourselves from having a tête à tête in our house SPA or our swimming pool.

Furthermore, fences don’t have to be an ugly reminder of your yard contour. They can be a beautiful asset to your outdoor design. The intimacy fences in galvanized steel from Clôture Boucher offers the perfect solution.

Why not have a look at how you can beautify them today?

Here are the reasons why intimacy fences are the perfect choice to enjoy your backyard.

It is a better choice than:

  1. PVC fencing: : since galvanized steel hot-wrapped with a thin polyester layer will not change color and will not lose its luster. Being stronger, he will not be marked by blows or harsh weather.
  2. The wooden fence: : because the treated steel is more durable since it does not rot, does not flake and especially it requires less maintenance. No need to paint, sand or treat against the harsh climate of Quebec (drastic temperature changes), or against termites and insects.

By choosing our intimacy fences you opt for:

  • Security and especially tranquility in all beauty
  • The return on your investment through the longevity and the strength of our product
  • Five years of maintenance free warranty offered by the manufacturer

Cloture Boucher offers you the OASIS 3000/4000/4500 Series with the following features:

oasis 3000 series privacy fence

The 3000 Series

The 3000 series consists of solid galvanized steel panels that will perfectly ensure your privacy and your safety. It features a durable, high quality, maintenance-free baked polyester powder coated finish on both sides of the fence.

Its design is distinguished by its sober, brilliant, very elegant and simple beauty without ‘’flafla’’. Thanks to these solid panels you really feel safe from prying eyes.

oasis 4000 series privacy fence

The 4000 series decorated with a regular trellis

The 4000 Series has the same features as the 3000 Series, yet it is crowned with a trellis aesthetic that adds a lighter look to the set.

Indeed, the trellis softened the solid side and full of panels and adds a touch of decoration to the entire fence.

In addition to ensuring complete privacy, this series brings a touch of beauty and elegance to the contours of your home.

oasis 4500 series privacy fence

4500 series decorated with an ornamental trellis

The 4500 Series is crowned with an ornamental lattice with choices of decorative spiral tips.

It is a high-end product that meets your requirements for privacy, security and aesthetics.

In addition, this ornamental lattice adds the cachet of upscale neighborhoods to your home and therefore adds more value to the market.

This series was inspired by the beauty of the castles of yesteryear. The Oasis Fences team has given birth to this exclusive series, which harmonizes perfectly with the environment thanks to the quality of its design.

Treat yourself to intimacy with a touch of luxury.

All OASIS 3000, 4000 and 4500 series Intimacy fences are available in:

  • 6 colors
  • 4 heights: 36 ", 48", 60 "and 72"
  • 3 calibres: 14 '', 16 '' and 18 '' gauge
  • 3 choices of beam and 3 choices of poles.

Why go with products from Clôture Oasis?

Oasis is a manufacturer that stands out for the quality of its products and a constant effort in research and development to innovate with new fences and gates products that meets the tastes and high expectations of customers.

Their fencing products are simply the best available on the market in Quebec and we are impressed, year after year, of the avant-garde and innovative ideas that define the manufacturer Closing Oasis.

The Oasis warranty
5 years no maintenance.

In order to offer the best quality of products, Clôture Oasis utilises latest technology materials and processes:

  • Galvalum(TM) steel
  • Electrostatic polyester powder coating
  • Safe and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Oasis lock system
  • Oven curing
  • Choice of colours
  • Maximum protection guaranteed

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