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Our selection of the best fencing products on the market

Here are the different type of fences

Glass Fences

Create a chic and refined decoration, with all new glass fences, for your terrace, in-ground pool or your home inside. This novelty is perfectly adapted to Quebec climate and harsh weather conditions. Offered in several models and sizes, glass fences require minimal maintenance to impress your guests with the last modern look.

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Wood fences

Clôture Boucher realizes, for you, the confections of your wooden fences. Although, they require a little more long-term maintenance, they are a little less expensive than their counterparts. Wooden fences offer a specific style to this material which can not be reproduced by a steel, aluminum or PVC fence, making it a unique product. Wood is a warm material that, unlike other materials, reacts better due to its flexibility. Therefore, it is more resistant to twists and weather, so more durable. Another advantage of wooden fences is that they can be partially or totally repaired, so you will not have to change it in its entirety if a damage occurs.

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Aluminum ornamental fence

The Oasis Fences Series 8000 is a residential, commercial or industrial application and is available in a variety of colors, finishes and sizes. Whether for a luxurious residence, a park, a garden center or any other commercial applications, you will find a solution of incomparable beauty for your project.

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Chain mesh Fence

Chain mesh fencing, also known as Frost ™ fencing, is the economical, durable and maintenance-free solution for your home or business. Use it to delimit your land, make a dog park, divide a warehouse or simply to protect your merchandise. Its maneuverability and low cost make Frost™ fence the most versatile and the widely used. For a more beautiful look and a more intimate back yard, insert vinyl intimacy battens into the fence mesh to get an almost complete opacity to enjoy your backyard out of sight.

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Ornamental steel fencing

Ornamental Fences Steel, Oasis Fences, are robust and aesthetic, perfect for securing the perimeter of your land. The 1000, 2000, and 5000 Series models are available in nearly 40 models, with a variety of colors choices and connectors available for all Oasis Fences. Ideal to divide your garden, limit access to the pool or decorate the terraces, patios and facade of your home.

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Omega™ fences

Inspired by construction site fencing, Omega ™ fences have been developed with the aim to be harmonized with its environment and emphasizing its modern architectural beauty. The feeling of safety they provide is incomparable. They add a unique style to your home and enhance the appearance and security of the properties they surround.

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Steel Intimacy fences

Ideal for partitioning a section or your entire property, the Oasis Fences, steel intimacy fences Series, greatly contribute to the aesthetics of your home while giving you a freedom feeling within your property, even with nearby neighbors. The finish is the same on fence both sides, so pleasing to look at from your yard as much as from the outside.

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Hybrid Fences

The warmth of wood combined with the durability of steel. Hybrid fences can be customized to your taste. Several colors are available for both red cedar and the finish of galvanized steel. No rust, no sanding, no paint, both products are a combination of durable materials with little or free maintenance. You will be impressed by the longevity of your investment, as well as the charm and elegance of the models available to you.

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