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The best Residential Fencing products.

Discover a host of residential fencing products selected for their durability. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of fence installation, we know the exact specifications necessary for Quebec rigorous temperature. We can advise you, according to your specific needs, for the choice of fences respecting your budget.

Outstanding products quality and installation for a perfect backyard.

Our products quality is at the core of our careful selection. The quality of the products we offer, our work ethic and our experience allow us to carry out your residence works beyond expectations. Our commitment of quality worth nothing if it was only words! For that reason, we exceed all fencing installation guarantees on Quebec market and we offer 5 years. You will enjoy 5 years without hassle on all our installation work.

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residential fence at home

Iron mesh residential fence

The chain mesh fence, known as the "Frost™ Fence", is the economical, durable and maintenance-free solution for your home. Its manoeuvrability and low cost make Frost™ fence the most versatile and most used in residential and commercial. The mesh fence can be tailored to your vinyl-coated decor in an assortment of colors or with vinyl intimacy battens.

Iron mesh fence

Ornamental steel fence

The ornamental steel fences are robust and aesthetically attractive. The varied patterns design as well as the wide selection of connectors will allow you to make a creative selection. Ornamental fences are a prestigious solution that offers a unique style to your home.

Ornamental steel fence

Residential intimacy fence

The intimacy fence is made of aluminum panels and does not present any mesh openly. The great panels differentiations lie in their folding patterns, and will allow you to have an increased intimacy with your neighbors, which can be one of the highest priorities of some owners. Our intimacy fences are available in numerous sizes and colors to fit your residential development project.

Intimacy fence

Hybrid Fence

The warmth of wood combined with the durability of steel. Hybrid fences can be customized to your taste. Several colors are available for both red cedar and the finish of galvanized steel. No rust, no sanding, no paint, both products are a combination of durable materials with little or free maintenance. You will be impressed by the longevity of your investment, as well as the charm and elegance of the models available to you.

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Residential Wood Fence

Clôture Boucher realizes your wooden fences confections. Wood is a material offering a host of tailor-made solutions and is ideal for setting up your balcony or veranda and giving your home a uniform layout. The installation of wood fences is rising sharply, on the field of outdoor development, with modern decorations creation.

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Glass Fence

Create a chic and refined décor with all new fencing glass for your patio, your poolside or the interior of your home. This new feature is perfectly suited for the harsh temperature of Quebec's weather. Available in several models and sizes and requiring minimum maintenance, amaze your guests with the most trendy looks of the fencing industry.

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Residential ornamental fencing

The Oasis Fence, Series 8000, is a residential, commercial or industrial application, available in a variety of colors, finishes and heights. Whether for a luxurious residence, a park, a garden center or any other commercial applications, you will find a solution of incomparable beauty for your project.

Aluminum ornamental fencing

Clôture Omega™

Inspired by construction fencing, fencing Omega ™ were developed with objective to harmonize with its surroundings with its modern architectural beauty and the sense of security they provide. They add style to your home and they enhance the appearance and safety of properties they surround.

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