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Hybrid fence

Wood and steel hybrid fence

Give yourself the sturdiness of steel married to the warmth and natural beauty of wood. Treat yourself with our Hybrid fences. You have only to determine the color of galvanized steel structure with or without lattice, as well as the choice of the wood if you want to obtain a warm result fitting perfectly into your environment. You will be seduced by the beauty of Oasis 3000/4000/4500 series assorted designs.

All our hybrid fences models offer a harmonious, luxurious and versatile finish. They offer privacy and security and allow great personalization. It is a choice of durable products that require little or free maintenance.

hybrid fences

Hybrid fence: what that means exactly?

A hybrid fence combines two distinct materials such as wood and aluminum, wood and steel or any other products. The fence structure’s is made of a galvanized steel and fastening accessories of high quality married with wood to create a barrier that does not warp!

At Clôture Boucher, we are proud to offer you our brand-new product: the hybrid fence made of wood and galvanized steel.

Affordable luxury and a WOW effect guaranteed

Indeed, imagine the marriage between the majestic aesthetic of ornamental steel with the beauty and warmth of wood. The hybrid fence is distinguished by the strength of galvanized steel and the natural beauty of wood.

We have thought of everything to increase the longevity of your investment

Here is an overview of the materials chosen to help you make the most of your investment by buying a hybrid fence.

  • The iron : ornamental galvanized steel

Galvanized steel was selected to form the posts and metal structure of the hybrid fence.

Treated with a paint made of baked polyester powder it will surprise you with its lifetime and its 5 years without maintenance guarantee.

Knowing that wood is a "living" material whose dimensions can change over time the hybrid fence respects a principle of assembling boards with steel allowing the natural expansion of wood.

  • The wood : red cedar

We had to find the perfect combination with galvanized steel, so a wood with a long durability, which meets the environmental standards of the industry, as well as your search for a warm and soothing beauty enveloping your backyard, or your house facade. Red cedar is the ultimate choice because of its resinous essence with a great stability and its natural resistance to rot. He is marring perfectly galvanized steel. Both sets guarantee a greater longevity to your hybrid fence.

We were seduced with Red cedar by its appearance, its fine and uniform grain and its low rate of expansion and contraction. It is an ecological product since it does not require treatment. Its natural oils give it immunity against insects, bacteria and decomposition.

Treat yourself to hybrid fence.
An elegant, luxurious and sustainable choice at an affordable price.

Thanks to cedar wood, easy to transform, suitable for different finish choices such as paint, stain, varnish, oil or wax and has superior resistance to warping and cracking. Married with Galvanized Ornamental Steel you will have a low-maintenance fence that combines elegance, luxury and durability.

The hybrid fence choices available to you :

Clôture Boucher puts at your disposal the Hybrid Intimacy Series OASIS which combines the strength of metal and the natural and warm beauty of wood.

It comes in three different models to meet the needs and personal requirement of each, in addition to meeting environmental standards.

  • Hybrid 3000 series, without lattice :

The 3000 Series Hybrid is made of galvanized steel and red or Terra cedar wood that will provide durability and privacy.

  • Hybrid 4000 series adorned with a regular trellis :

The Hybrid 4000 Series has the same features as the Hybrid 3000 series, yet it is crowned with a regular steel trellis that adds an aesthetic and contemporary look to the set.

  • Hybrid 4500 Series crowned with an ornamental lattice :

The 4500 Hybrid Series is crowned with an ornamental steel lattice with decorative spiral tips. A high-end product that meets your requirements for privacy, security and aesthetics.

In all hybrid models, the wood can be installed horizontally.

At Clôture Boucher we satisfy your special requests, do not hesitate to let us know during your next visit. Our team will be happy to advise you with our varied materials choices or wood types, call us!

Why go with products from Clôture Oasis?

Oasis is a manufacturer that stands out for the quality of its products and a constant effort in research and development to innovate with new fences and gates products that meets the tastes and high expectations of customers.

Their fencing products are simply the best available on the market in Quebec and we are impressed, year after year, of the avant-garde and innovative ideas that define the manufacturer Closing Oasis.

The Oasis warranty
5 years no maintenance.

In order to offer the best quality of products, Clôture Oasis utilises latest technology materials and processes:

  • Galvalum(TM) steel
  • Electrostatic polyester powder coating
  • Safe and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Oasis lock system
  • Oven curing
  • Choice of colours
  • Maximum protection guaranteed

Pictures from Oasis and Omega.

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